Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Zak's grandmother passed away last week (the same day Jakson knocked out his teeth-that day kind of sucked). It wasn't unexpected, she had been in poor health for quite awhile. And, for her, it was a blessing. Her husband died almost 20 years ago, her sister passed away 4 years ago, and she had led an extremely full and productive life. Towards the end, she was very ready to be reunited with those that she loved and missed.That said, it was still an emotional and sad time for those who loved her. We had the privilege of attending her funeral on Saturday. Aren't funerals just big family reunions? It was so wonderful to have all of Zak's siblings and cousins gather to celebrate the life of Grandma. Zak was asked to speak and gave an excellent talk about service, something his Grandmother was passionate about. Even until the very last days of her life she was sewing little dresses to be sent to the Humanitarian efforts of our church. What an example.
Unfortunately, Jakson and Storey didn't get the memo that they were supposed to be on their best behavior-Jakson actually refused to even come into the funeral services initially. Thankfully, there were plenty of family members around who were gracious enough to help us out and Aunt Paddy convinced Jak to come and sit down for about the last 10 minutes of the service. Of course, he and Storey promptly started fighting over the snacks we brought to keep them quiet, she started to scream and had to be taken out to the hall. Aren't children a joy?!?
As much as I love funerals and emergency trips to the dentist, I'm hoping this week will be much less eventful.


Camille said...

Beautiful pictures, Beth. Aren't you so glad to have the Gospel? We know it's eternal, so funerals aren't sad, they are bittersweet :)

Becky said...

I have just loved your blog and about died when I read this post and realized who you are. I was at Thelma's funeral. She was so wonderful. My mom, Jana, spoke too. Your song was beautiful. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!

Amanda said...

This sounds so familiar, unfortunately. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's great that you guys got to be with family during that time.

Jen and Reed said...

I like what you said about funerals. They don't need to be depressing. Everyone is coming together to celebrate a loved one's life. Funerals bring people together. I hope non-members read your post, too. How did Jakson lose his tooth? Did the fight over snacks become to heated? You sang? Great! You have such a good voice. (eyes just wandered over to Becky's comment)

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