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This is mainly for the people who live around me, so I'm sorry to those of you who don't have a Smith's nearby. If you do want some tips about couponing though, I've attached a printable PDF at the bottom of this post that will be useful no matter where you live (even though many of the websites pertain to Utah, a lot of the deals are online and everyone can take advantage of those!!)

I taught a couponing class last week and had a lot of questions about saving money at the grocery store. Our budget is pretty limited (let me clarify- we limit our food budget so that more money goes towards savings), so I always use coupons and watch for sales. There are a number of really fabulous websites here in Utah that basically do all the work for you, making it very easy to match sales and coupons to get the best price. I've added a PDF with the websites and other information that I shared at the class to the bottom of this post.

This week is the perfect time to practice your couponing skills. Smith's is currently rounding all coupons to $1, something that is quite commonplace in AZ, but NEVER happens here. Of course I took advantage of the situation and will try to help you as well. I am only using linkable coupons here (though I used many many newspaper coupons, so if you have been collecting them, let me know and I'll send you some other tips for this week) so that even the brand new couponer can participate in this sale.

Just so you believe that coupons really do work, here's a picture of what I got tonight.84 items for $59!! A breakdown of everything: 5 cottage cheese, 3 lbs. peaches, 1 lb Land o Frost ham, 1 package Wacky Mac, 1 package marshmallows (not really on sale, we just have a lot of Rice Krispies that I got for free a couple of months ago and no one eats them as cereal), 2 DanActive yogurt packs, 1 box Orville Redd. popcorn, 5 Yoplait Greek yogurts, 3 packages Goldfish, 5lb bag sugar, 3 French's mustard, 6 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 2 Sunny D, 6 boxes various cereal, 10 Kool-aid packs, 2 Rotzini pastas, 1 paper towel, 12 bags of shredded cheese, 2 cartons Breyer ice cream, 1 Ziploc freezer bags, 2 Delight Yoplait yogurts, 2 Worcestershire sauce, 1 cake mix, 4 packages Oscar Meyer hotdogs, 4 Tortino's pizzas, 3 packages tortillas, box of Huggies wipes, and Dawn dish soap.

All of the things from the list above will not be on the list below, only those that have printable coupons, but you'll still get some really great deals!! Remember that you can print off two of each coupon!!

Before you begin, you have to understand that Smith's is also having the Daytona promotion this week. For every 10 items that you buy within the promotion, you get $3 off. The discount is taken automatically at the register. And you can use coupons on all of those items as well. Let's tackle the Daytona items first.

Daytona Deals-the prices are assuming that you buy 10 items in the promotion. The number of times you can do the promotion in one transaction is unlimited. I did three, so $9 off.

  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs-1.49. Print coupon for $1.00/2 -Final price $1
  • Totino's pizza (great for kids when the babysitter is over)-1.45. Print 50c coupon-Final price .45
  • Pay attention to this one---not only are there coupons that round to $1 AND $3 off with 10 items purchased, but also a Catalina that applies to the following items (a Catalina is a printed out coupon for the store that you can use on anything during your next trip):
---If you buy 3, you get 1.50, 4 and you get 2.50, 5 or more, get 3.50
---It is good on Betty Crocker fruit snacks-specifically, Fruit By the Foot, Gushers, Roll-ups or Roll-Ups Stickerz-they are $1.69. Then print off two coupons here and one here. That gives you enough coupons to buy 6 items (they are coupons for 50c/2). If you count in the Cataline (free money towards your next purchase at Smith's!!), each box of snacks comes to 60c
  • Then fill in the gaps to get to 10 (or 20) with other items from the promotion. My recommendations? The 95c shredded cheese (I'm going to freeze most of it. Shredded cheese freezes REALLY well) and Breyer ice cream (1.97) were my top favorites. If you have coupons for cereal that work for just one box, then I would also recommend that. Example: 50c off a box of Cheerios. There are some printable coupons for cereal out there, but they are $1/2 and, in my opinion, $1.50 isn't a great price on cereal. The coupons are here and here just in case.

Items not included in the Daytona promotion, but great deals!
Remember-print 2 of each coupon!!
  • Sunny D-.88 (price is only good at Orem and PG) store-Print 25c coupon-Final price FREE
  • Ronzoni Smart Taste-1.00-Print 75c coupon-Final price FREE
  • Goldfish crackers-1.00-Print 50c coupon-Final price FREE
  • Carefree Panty Liners-1.00-Print 50c coupon-Final price FREE
  • Yoplait Greek Yogurt-1.19-Print coupon-Final price .19
  • You can also print another 2 Greek yogurt coupons here-Final price .19
  • French's yellow mustard-1.49-Print coupon-.Final price .49
  • French's Worchestershire sauce-1.59-Print coupon-Final price .59 (this is a killer price)
  • Country Crock Spread-1.69-Print coupon-Final price .69
You won't get all of the great deals if you're just using printable coupons, but hopefully a small success will motivate you to subscribe to the Sunday newspaper and be able to participate on a larger scale next time a deal like this rolls around.

Please let me know if you have any questions and happy shopping!

Coupon Tip PDF-just click to download or print


Sabrina said...

You are the coupon queen. That is simply amazing!

Ali Snow said...

Do I just struggle? I feel like all the coupons that I'm finding are from that site and I can't print from it. Do I have to download something? I follow the instructions that come up for my printer but it still doesn't work. Help!

bethany said...

I forgot to mention -if you are using the Firefox browser, these coupons won't print. It's annoying. I normally use Safari to print all of the coupons. Hope that helps Ali!

Emily said...

Hi Beth! What brand of shredded cheese is included in the Daytona event? Thanks for all the great info!

bethany said...

It's the Kroger/store brand (I think it's Kroger)

Heidi said...

Hey sister is Tiffany (your photo contest competitor and new friend =) ) I love your coupon results. I went to Smith's today and scored big time too on this deal. Thanks for all your extra info!

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