Thursday, June 24, 2010


On Sunday, I posted some picture clues about our weekend---and since I know so many of you have been kept up at night wondering, here are the answers.

A. Saturday morning we went to the first showing of Toy Story 3. Jakson has asked us every 5 minutes when he is going to see it again. I hate to tell him that it'll be about 6 months before it comes out on video. In this picture Jak is holding the Buzz Lightyear doll he earned when he let me cut his hair without a (huge) meltdown. He was slowly earning money towards it by doing chores and such, but we explained that after an tantrumless haircut, Buzz would be his (if you knew what haircuts were like with this kid, you'd understand). It took him a few weeks to catch on that it was a pretty good deal. And now he looks a lot less homeless.

B. Speaking of haircuts......I went in Saturday for a "trim" and walked out with this. My hairdresser told me it makes my neck look skinnier. Sold!

C. And lastly (but not leastly), we celebrated Father's Day with hamburgers and Glenn Beck. For dessert, we had pavlova. Never heard of pavlova? It's from New Zealand and it's good. I'll share the recipe soon.Although other more normal photos were taken, Zak insisted on having me post this one.
So attractive.

Now that you know all of the answers, you can go back to sleeping a restful night.
Thank me later.


Bridget said...

Cute hair, on both of you! I decided to grow my hair out but now that it's frying hot outside your new haircut makes me want to chop it all off.

Dawn said...

Love your hair!

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