Tuesday, June 01, 2010


This weekend we celebrated Zak's birthday. Fortunately, he's not too high maintenance when it comes to these things because his present didn't arrive in time due to a hiccup with UPS. Hopefully he'll be happily blending us smoothies in it later this week.
I tried to redeem myself with an ice cream cake from Coldstone instead. Remember the brownie/ice cream cake debacle from a couple of years ago? After eating the Coldstone cake, we decided from now on we should leave the ice cream cakes to the professionals.As their presents, the kids told me the reasons that they love their Daddy. It was kind of funny to hear what they had to say. I wrote Jakson's down while Storey was coloring her picture. Storey's currently in the "parrot stage" so by the time I got to her, she just repeated everything she'd heard Jak say. I had to give her some prompts, but she finally came up with her own reasons. No surprise, most of them had to do with food.Jakson's
We are so glad you were born Zak!


Megan said...

Even though you would always eat my sandwiches right after I made them, I am glad that you were born too Zak. Only because you married an awesome woman and produced some very cute and hilarious kids. You totally redeemed yourself!!

North Family Arizona said...

Ha ha I love the last line... We're so glad that you were born. For some reason that is the funniest thing that I have read in a long time!!!

Classic. I'm glad that Zak was born too.

Anne said...

Let's make it unanimous, we are also glad that Zak was born - and we hope he lives to be a hundred.

Melissa said...

Great photos. Happy Birthday Zak! I like how you are turning 13 according to your candles!
Great drawings from the kiddos.

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