Friday, May 28, 2010

Making room

My sewing room is overflowing with fabric and I really need to get rid of some of the scraps that I've collected. In a hurry.

My loss equals your gain. I have six 1 lb. bags of scraps. All of them include pieces large and small (5"x5" is the smallest). There are a variety of fabrics in each one-Hobby Lobby, vintage, designer, stuff from Joanns....equaling about one pound (over two yards in weight!!).

Here's the deal: I'm giving them away for the cost of shipping ($5). The first six people to email me (bethanycr(AT)yahoo(DOT)com) or leave a comment on this post will get an invoice (through Paypal) from me for the cost of shipping. You then have 24 hours to pay the invoice. If you don't pay, I'll move on to the next person.

Scraps are great way to add to your fabric stash or work on small projects like decoupage, hair accessories (like the little clips that Storey always wears), quilting, applique, wallets....if you need some ideas or tutorials, let me know and I'll email you some links.

I also have a 7th bag that equals almost a pound (I'll fill it up to a pound before I send it) of all boyish fabric--cars, flames, dinosaurs that sort of thing. If you want that bag, let me know in your email or comment and I'll set it aside for you. Same thing-$5, pay within 24 hours.


Heidi said...

Ooooh, I will take one if you still have any! I am a beginner so this would be nice for my learning process! =) Thanks!
kbk92f at aol dot com

Katherine said...

oh I might be late, but I'm crossing my fingers. hope I get your scraps!

Catey said...

Taking a chance on leaving a comment! I'll even come pick it up and save you an envelope. :)

allie said...

If you have any left I would love one,

bethany said...

I still have the boy fabrics left!!

Stacy said...

I'll take your boys stuff if you still have it. I am trying to make Niles a quilt and it is so hard to find boy fabric in a pack. They are all girly and I am too cheap to buy yardage!!

*katie said...

Bummer! I'm too late:)

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