Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Completely Unrelated

  1. Have you ever tried talking to your kids with a puppet? I remember professors in the education department talking about the use of puppets in the classroom, but teaching sixth graders never really afforded me the chance to see one in action. Until today. Storey found a puppet in the toy box today and brought it to me. So, I put it on and talked to the kids with it for about 30 minutes. It was amazing. I'm not sure if I'm more amazed at how gullible they are (I didn't change my voice or anything, but they totally thought the thing was alive) or at how much more I was able to get out of Jakson using the puppet. He even wrote all of his letters for me--something that normally includes bribery or threats.

  2. Too bad they won't be fooled by the puppet as teenagers. "So where did you really go tonight? Don't worry, I won't tell your parents."

  3. I realize this announcement is coming almost a week late, but the winner of the birthday onesie is Hillari! I'll email you to get details. Congrats!

  4. Only 61 more sales until the next giveaway. Any suggestions for the prize?

  5. I am participating (a term I use very loosely--there's not enough time in the day!!) in this week's Kids Clothes Week Challenge on Elsie Marley. I love the idea of just sitting down and creating a summer wardrobe in a week. So far, all I've gotten to are two pairs of pajama pants, one for each of the kids using the new Noodles & Milk patterns. They were super easy to follow and didn't take long at all to make. If you want to check out some amazing kids clothes that people have made so far this week, take a look at the Elise Marley Flickr pool. Many of them have links back to the original pattern or tutorial that was used.

  6. Jakson is now officially potty trained. He has slept in big boy underwear for the last week without wetting the bed once. It is a miracle. I no longer believe in any other method of potty training except for wait until they are ready.

  7. And speaking of big boy underwear, I finally listed a set of three toddler dinosaur boxers in the shop. You know, just in case you know a little boy who needs a bit of motivation. Of course, only if he's ready.....

  8. Back to the whole puppet phenomenon. Do you think a puppet would come in handy at Target when Jakson is having a fit on the floor about (insert something ridiculous to have a tantrum about here, i.e. your tooth falling out 8 months ago, the fact that you didn't go on Splash Mountain at Disneyland 2 months ago, Storey not sleeping in your room last night, etc.) ______________ ? Maybe if the puppet told him to get off the floor or time out, it would be more effective?

  9. And also, what would you think about a mother if you saw her yelling at her kid (ahem-speaking in a firm voice, I NEVER yell...) through a puppet in the middle of Target?


Anne said...

About #9 - go ahead and do it.

Shenna said...

I would love hearing a puppet speaking in a firm voice...especially in the middle of Target. Honestly, if they've loved it so much already, it would probably work! :)

KatieB said...

i have learned to never judge mothers in target. or the grocery store. or anywhere else. all of us have had kids lie down on the floor in the middle of the floor screaming over something stupid. so go ahead and slip that puppet in your purse just in case.

Covey and Justin said...

Love the mental picture of you in target with a puppet--awesome! I have a picture of me with "wolfie" talking with Elijah about going to the potty--poor wolfie had to sit through every single poop for about 6 months. He loved wolfie to sing "Hey there little red riding hood, you sure are lookin' good, you're everything a big bad wolf could want--hooooooooowl" the things we'll do huh??

Spjut Family said...

laughing.... hmmm. my little guy is approaching two, how do you know when they are ready to potty train??? Maybe I should just hold off.

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