Friday, April 09, 2010


Every day I think, I should sit down and write a post, but never actually find the time. Right now the kids are napping, I have a pile of banners to stitch up, and I haven't eaten anything all day, yet here I am.

A couple of this week's highlights:
Zak's parents got their mission call!
They requested an "at home" mission, so knew they wouldn't be going far, but were excited to find out what their exact service assignment would be. For the next 12 months, they will be serving in the Church Administration building as family and church history administrators. Jakson and Storey will be sad to not be able to see their grandparents as often, but we are so happy that they are able to serve!

Another highlight-Storey's outfit today.
Lately, she has gotten extremely particular about what she wears. A couple of days ago she insisted on wearing her footie pajamas all day long--to the grocery store, to play outside, everywhere. We all have those days, right?
Today it was this:
The perfect April in Utah outfit-where in the morning it is 75 degrees outside and that night it snows.


Sabrina said...

I love her outfit and the fact that she has a sense of style already! The flip flops are the best part- she obviously knows that having your toes exposed is better than having them cooped up...Precious!

Lisa said...

CUTE! She's matching at least!

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