Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Proud Parent

The dinosaur cupcakes that Jakson took to preschool today to celebrate his birthday.

Jakson's dream cake has changed shape daily for the past two weeks. First it was a dinosaur cake, then the more specific triceratops, velociraptor, t-rex, ankylosaurus, or spinosaurus---next he changed gears completely and went through every single Pixar movie.

Indecisive to say the least.

Today, we were listening to the radio and I mentioned that the music was Dash (Dashboard Confessional). Jakson suddenly yelled, "I want Dash cake!" I'm sure that he meant this Dash
and not this one but I still consider it one of my proudest parent moments.

Right behind that time he slipped off the toilet and yelled, "Oh, crap."


Covey and Justin said...

EJ is already planning his biethday and it changes daily! Happy Birthday JAckson!! (At least he didn't drop his pants and squat on the playground to poop like my little princess did--talk about proud parenting moments)

Lisa said...

Oh crap! Literally ... a hoot.

My second born's birthday is Saturday and we've been in the midst of planning a Super Mario party.

Spjut Family said...


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