Sunday, April 04, 2010

Eggs, Baskets, and Hunts.

Saturday morning the kids woke up to brimming Easter baskets.They each got a Toy Story action figure (both are obsessed-Storey mainly because her brother is), a new book, a kite, and a minimal amount of candy.
These kids have enough energy without a sugar high.
Unfortunately, I didn't think about how annoying talking toys can be. Especially if you have a son who presses the button incessantly for over an hour.
Time out for Zurg.
Though it's blurry, this is probably my favorite picture taken this weekend.During Storey's naptime, Jakson and Zak got out the eggs and dye.I had him use a wire whisk instead of the flimsy little holders that the dye kits come with.
Made the whole process so much easier/less messy!
After Storey's morning nap, we headed over to Zak's parents house to spend time with family.

Uncle Jake (a SkyWest pilot) had a hard time getting the kite to fly.
Consequently he ended up the brunt of many jokes. The Vermillions think they are very funny.Success!Everyone got into the kite flying fun. Then on to the hunt.
At first Storey was scrambling to find eggs-she seemed determined to collect more than Jak. That is, until she realized that there was candy inside. Once she figured that out, she stopped looking for eggs and started eating. Not surprising.Jakson remembered the candy secret from Easter egg hunts last year, so he gathered eggs until his basket couldn't hold any more.We finished up all of the "commercial" Easter activities yesterday so that we could focus on Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection today--a tradition I had growing up as well.
What a wonderful Sabbath.
Happy Easter!!


Morgan said...

Wow, those mountains are gorgeous!!! What a beautiful background.

Great idea on the wire wisk for dying the eggs! I had never considered that before!

Happy Easter!

hillari said...

Cool idea about using a wire wisk! And what do you mean after Storey's morning nap?? Does she still bless your life with 2 naps a day? Lucky! (said in Napolean Dynamite voice.)

Sabrina said...

Sounds like a great Easter. Love the idea of using the wire wisk- that is genius!

Lisa said...

How fun! Looks like a great Easter and what a neat idea to use the whisk to dip eggs!

bethany said...

Unfortunately, no she doesn't normally. But she had been up late the night before, had gotten up unusually early, and was really really grumpy-so to bed she went. Sadly, she grew out of the morning nap about 5 months ago.

Katy said...

I would believe the Vermillion family was funny if all of the family was there. But I am pretty sure a very significant member of that family was missing. your pictures look like so much fun.
...I hate all of you...

Shenna said...

That blurred picture of Storey is fantastic!!! It goes so well with the Buzz toy. :)

Spjut Family said...

Too cute, did you make those baskets? What talent. Love how you shared the whole holiday with us.

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