Sunday, March 14, 2010


  • Rhett Butler's People-Donald Mccaig
  • This is the "official" sequel of Gone With the Wind, told mainly from Rhett's point of view. SO much better than Scarlett (the storyline was too far fetched)-of course not as good as the original, but a good read nonetheless.

  • Cane River-Lalita Tademy
  • Written by Ms. Tademy, a former executive in a Fortune 500 company who discovered her roots in the South and decided to bring their stories to life. This book was difficult to read at times because of the subject manner (slavery-slave and owner relationships), but incredibly well-written and interesting. I would highly recommend, especially if you are interested in historical fiction.

  • Hunger Games and Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins
  • I cannot recommend these books enough-but I was so frustrated when I realized that it is a trilogy and the third book isn't coming out until August! ARG. Different from any other books I've read-sort of a mix of the Uglies, The Giver, and Lord of the Flies (the non-boring parts). Teen novels like this always remind me of my anger toward the current antiquated required reading lists that high school English teachers hold on to for some ridiculous reason. Students could gain just as much from this book as any other "classic" and not hate reading in the meantime.

  • Splendor-Anna Godbersen
  • The fourth book in the Luxe series (teen fiction) following a group of socialites involved in various scandals in the early 1900s. I loved loved loved this series. And unlike Hunger Games, all of the books are written, so you can read them all in row without waiting months for the next one to be released.

    Next up: The Help-Kathryn Stockett


    EJ said...

    Waiting for book 3 (Mockingjay) to be released feels like forever. The cliffhanger at the end of Catching Fire has me begging for more.

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite

    Shenna said...

    Yes, reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire really upset me, realizing that the third book isn't even out yet! At least after I finished the first one, I felt like I had finished a book. Stupid Catching Fire...didn't even end. :) It'll be one of those books I'll be going to be bookstore for the day it comes out!

    Katy said...

    I love the Hunger games series, and our school has questioned whether or not we should make it apart of the reading list for the ninth graders next year. I would love to teach it, but because of its dark nature, we know that we will be attacked by over protective conservative parents. Lame....we may still do it and reap the consequences.
    BTW...I cannot believe you said that there were boring parts in LOF...shame on you

    Our Tribe said...

    Are the 2 teen fiction series appropriate for a 14 year old girl? (I try to find books she will like without sex and partying and other similar thematic elements.)


    Diana Hawkins said...

    So on your recommendation I just finished the Luxe series. Loved all but the last three chapters. WHAT?? I didn't have a problem with the ending itself (I won't spoil) if it hadn't been such a departure from what it seemed to be building towards. I just didn't find it believable. It seemed the author wanted to provide a surprise ending even at the expense of a conclusion that made sense. I think that if this was the ending she envisioned writing all along, she should have shaped the characters and their relationship in a way that would have supported such an end, where you could look back and say, "I didn't see it coming, but I get it." Instead, I'm left shaking my head. Huh ... ? The excellent story was sacrificed on the altar of gimmickry and a forced surprise.

    I would love to discuss this one with someone else who's read it and get another take. Did you like the way it ended? Did you believe it?

    Diana Hawkins said...

    I feel I should clarify that I haven't lost any respect for your recommendations! I usually love whatever you suggest and I loved these too. Just didn't get the ending ... :)

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