Saturday, March 13, 2010


After we had our family pictures taken in October, I asked Kelly if she was ever planning on teaching a photography class because I would love to learn from her. She replied that the best kind of photography "class" is practice. Learning how your camera functions, experimenting with settings and lighting, working on composure---and getting all of the technical stuff out of your camera's manual.

Since getting a nice camera for Christmas, I've taken her advice to heart. I've been trying to take pictures of the kids everyday and in lots of different situations. I have learned so much and become more comfortable with my camera, although I still think there's something to be said about a formal class and plan on taking one when I have the time (and money!).

I love this photo that Kelly took of Storey in full sun and have been trying to figure out how to duplicate the lighting without success. Finally, I found this post on Pioneer Woman Photography, played around with the settings a bit, and experimented late in the afternoon.

At first my photos ended up dark,(I had to slide the exposure to almost 100% making the picture blurry)

But after changing the metering a bit, I was able to get a picture that I'm quite proud of (editing done by my brother Jeff-thanks Jeff!)


lindsay said...

I love the pioneer woman. seriously, how can one girl be so talented? cute pictures!

Lisa said...

That is a GREAT shot!

West Family said...

I love these pictures! You are amazing!

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