Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In My Mailbox

A little red cap, a Target gift card, and new (free!) business cards.

I had my doubts that Storey could get any cuter.
Until I put her pilot cap on.
The little cap is perfect for Utah spring weather and should fit her again in the fall.
Handmade by Annie of Olives on a String.
The same Annie that designed my awesome blog banner.
Don't have an awesome blog banner?
You can get one (along with your pilot cap)-she'll design a custom banner for you-only $15!!

I earned a $5 card from Target just for writing 10 short reviews on LilaGuide.
It was easy and gotta love free money.

My new business cards are from MOO and they are fantastic!
The fronts and backs are covered in colored pictures of my products.Normally Moo cards are very expensive (which is why I haven't ordered in the past), but right now you can get 50 free cards (pay shipping).
Go here.
Under "Import your photos from:" click "Etsy",
enter your shop's name in the box and click on "make some cards.
Choose a few pictures for the back of your card, design the front of your card,
pay $6.00 for standard shipping, and you're done!!
Business cards are a great way to spread the word about your shop.
"Accidentally" leave them in library books, send them with your orders, carry them with you to hand out.


[AnnieR] said...

She looks DARLING!!! Thanks for the shout out!

Kim said...

woohoo for free business cards! mine should be here tomorrow.

Lisa said...

LOVE the hat and WOOT for free business cards!

Amanda said...

Oh my word! Where did that cap come from? I love it! She looks so pretty in it.

Shenna said...

I love the hat (and the little girl wearing it makes it look even cuter). Hooray for free stuff!

hillari said...

that little hat is totally the cutest ever! adorable on Storey.

Kim said...

i got mine today and posted about them here!


i wish i had though to put photos on them. dangit! :)

also...i have a promotion going on for moms with little ones :) thought you would want to check it out. who doesn't like discounts?

Kerry said...

I'm in love with Storey's red cap! It's fabulous! She is the cutest!!

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