Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disneyland in Sum

32 rides in 2 days

8 times on Buzz Lightyear (can you tell I was over it? Not so much fun when you have a kid in your lap that won't let you touch the gun every.single.time. Zak's intense face is hilarious.)1 parade2 extremely delicious free breakfasts at Mimi's cafe

4 Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for 2 hungry toddlers

7 character hugs

1 unsolicited kiss20 minutes in the longest line (Storey did not like the 20 min. line)0 minutes in the shortest line (Thursday was so empty-it was GREAT!)

18 month old tour guide
2 cute shirts
30+ real looking (at least to a little one) horses on the carousel. She doesn't get out much.3 nights sleeping in a closet
Lots of excited smilesAnd hundreds of new memories.


Tasha said...

Looked fabulous to me!

Lisa said...

How fun! Sorry about the gun hog on the BL ride. teehee

Melissa said...

What an awesome trip! I would love to hear more about it! The fact that Storey slept in the closet is halarious.

rawhide said...

glad you guys had fun. love the picture of jakson kissing mini mouse.

Shenna said...

Fun!!!! It looks like you guys had a blast.

Catherine said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!!! What memories...cant wait to take Colton!

Katy said...

I am pretty sure you two have the cutest family EVER! I love those kids. I think the only people cuter would have to be my unborn children awaiting their arrival. ...and if they are not cuter, I might have to send them back.

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