Monday, March 08, 2010

Catching Up

  • Confession: When I put my pants on this morning, I fully expected them to be too big. They were not. Boo to the plan of 2 days at Disneyland as my weightloss tactic for 2010.
  • Winners: The announcement is coming later than planned, but we have two winners for the Fortune Cookie giveaway. Brittny and Missy!! Crystal will be contacting you to work out the details in the next few days.
  • Custom fortune cookies of your own: If you didn't win, but still want to order some amazing custom fortune cookies for your next party, wedding, baby shower, etc., please contact Crystal at csansoucie(AT)gmail(DOT)com for all of the pricing/shipping details.
  • Facelift: The blog has a new look (have you seen it my Google Readers?) created by my amazingly talented artistic friend Annie. And lucky, lucky you, she's now selling some of her original art (on paper, on plates, and in the form of hair wear) in her new shop Olives on a String.

  • Big Sale: The time has come to sell off all of my slings. I will continue to sell the pouch sling patterns, but I will no longer be making slings in order to focus more on my birthday supplies. As a result, all of the slings in the shop have been marked down drastically! I only have a limited number of each fabric and will not be buying more, so get them before they are gone. I'm pretty sure that I will only be selling slings for a couple more weeks and then will just destash the remaining fabric. They are such an amazing baby shower gift and great for any mom. Like I've said before, Storey lived in hers for the first six months of life. I don't know what I would have done without it. Get yours here.
  • Double Darn: I just realized that I laid Jakson down for his nap with underwear on. Dang it. Wish me luck that he hasn't peed everywhere (he's still in diapers for naps/bedtime). Gotta go!
**Post edit: Well, he didn't pee in his pants. No, he did something far worse. Poor, poor Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Tess said...

Hi Bethany,
I love your etsy shop! I have a question about your slings - are they stretchy at all? I love all of the fabrics you used =)

bethany said...

Thanks Tess!
They are not stretchy at all-they are cotton and reversible. In my opinion, the stretchy ones are not as safe for baby because they can stretch permanently, making them loose and are not normally double layered-a must for a safe sling!!

Bridget said...

Welcome back, your blog looks great! Sorry about Rex, that stinks.

Lisa said...

GREAT new look! Hope you were able to rest on vacation. Have you gotten any of my e-mails?

Laura said...

Love the new blog design! Very modern and fresh.

eternity4us said...

Bethany, I hope you don't mind my making a comment on your blog. You guys are missed so much in our ward. I loved all your vacation pictures and so happy to see and hear you two are doing well with your move. Love, Kay Remington

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