Sunday, February 21, 2010


The bar stool height table we were using in our last house just didn't fit in our new kitchen, so after we moved here we had to find a new table and chairs. After a few weeks of looking, I found the perfect table at D.I but it, of course, did not come with chairs. A couple of days later when I saw an offer for four wooden kitchen chairs on Freecycle I jumped at the chance, not really knowing what I was going to end up with.

Thankfully, the chairs were in nice shape and already painted a green color that worked perfectly with the green at the art table. But the seat was made of an awful, falling apart wicker. So I added "cover kitchen chairs" to my list of things to do.

That was six months ago. Finally I got tired of sweeping up little shreds of wicker that Jakson was pulling off during meal time and added "cover kitchen chairs" to our goal sheet for February.

A couple of night ago, while I was working on some orders, Zak pulled out his staple gun, some foam, and the vinyl covered fabric I ordered back in September and turned this wickeriffic chairinto this absolutely terrific chair.No more wicker crumbs!


edith said...

the chair looks awesome! as always, good job Beth :)

Laura said...

That turned out awesome! What a great find.

farmhouse mama said...

Love them! Where did you order the fabric from. I need some "wipeable" fabric for my kitchen chairs.

Anne said...

Good job! Clever as ever.

hillari said...

You are seriously my hero! Very awesome. And good job Zak!

bethany said...

I actually ordered it from a friend's shop-it was her destash, but I know that some quilting shops sell it and you can find a good selection on Etsy:
or Warm Biscuit:
or Google laminated cotton. There are tons of results!

j&krosser said...

What a good Zak to help project. He can help finish projects at my house any day.---Jaden

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