Monday, February 15, 2010

Unrelated Items

Item #1: Become a fan of my (relatively) new Love, September Facebook page and be entered to win a personalized pillowcase in your choice of fabrics/color scheme!Oh, and you can choose the name too.
Enter giveaway here.

Item #2: This is the most awesome picture that has ever been taken of Jakson.Whatever I want to. Gosh.

Item #3: We're spending a romantic evening getting all of our tax paperwork together. Bleh.


North Family Arizona said...

Wow, did you give Jackson some form of "medication"... He looks a little, well,... I just can't bring myself to say it..

Oh wait a sec. I just took another look and his pupils aren't dilated so disregard the above assumption that some form of "drug" educed this state... he must be tired... :)

Shenna said...

That picture of Jakson is fantastic! It could win a contest of some sorts, I'm sure of it! Hopefully you get lots of money back from your taxes! :)

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