Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Hearts Day

Jakson's preschool party was today.
Of course he didn't want to go.
Instead he threw himself on the ground screaming "DISNEYLAND!"

Biggest mistake of 2010: Telling Jak about our trip BEFORE we arrived in the park.

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I showed him hundreds of pictures online (did you know there are a dozen different Flickr groups solely dedicated to pictures of Disneyland?) and hyped it all up. Obviously, I thought he'd handle the situation like a mature adult.

But he's three.

I will never let my excitement overrule "duh" again.

In the end, I convinced him to quit writhing on the ground with promises of an awesome party.
Fine, you caught me. I also told him if he got in the car I'd give him some marshmallows. Like you never bribe your kids.

I realized that before getting in the car I needed pictures to document his first Valentine's Day party, so more bribery occurred.
For the sake of posterity, folks. The greater good.Not sure why he felt the need to kiss the Rice Krispie heart...Finally we piled in the car with visions of conversation hearts and cartoon cards dancing in our heads. Well, at least mine-Storey was talking to herself about Bear (a stuffed animal that she actually refers to as "beer") and Jakson was still seething about our non-trip to Disneyland.

Fortunately, I was right (when will they learn?-I'm ALWAYS right) and the party was a hit. Jakson came home with a bag full of goodies and a smile on his face.

Only one month left of morning Disneyland tantrums.
Did I mention that he also started yelling "Disneyland" over and over last night around 10PM?
Anyone want to come visit? Our house is so fun!

Valentine's Day printable (free!) coloring cards from here. I am so jealous of talented people. And I love it when they are willing to share.
The Rice Krispie idea was from Family Fun-I just stuck a lollipop stick in the bottom of each one for extra excitement and wrapped them in plastic wrap (because that's what I had). You can buy lollipop sticks for about $2/package on the candy/cake making aisles of craft stores. I got them at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure Joanns, Michaels, etc carry them as well. In order to cut the treats (with a cookie cutter) I had to wait until these had COMPLETELY cooled. I learned the hard way. Impatient people end up with Rice Krispie blobs.


Melissa said...

Love the valentines.
Jakson sure is a cute little boy.
Tantrums about Disneyland and all. I will learn from your mistake and not show Carter any more photos of Disneyland. I have already heard 'I want Mickey Mouse' about 50 times this week.
ps-I got that guide book about Disneyland from the library! Yah!

Shenna said...

I want a rice krispy treat now. Thanks for that. I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of yours and Melissa's Disney trips, and keep thinking that if we're in CA for two weeks that we might go. We're going to Sea World, due to the fact that my kids will enjoy the animals more than the long does the promotion go for?

mikbeth said...

You are amazing! I ogled half in disgust (more out of jealousy) that you would come up with such a cute and clever idea. I can use the excuse that our school won't allow homemade goodies for classes. You are so fun to read too!

Best of luck with getting through those Disneyland tantrums. I learned after telling Lydia about pony rides a month too early that kids will think "today is the day" for ever.

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