Thursday, February 25, 2010


We are making our final preparations for Disney! I'm so excited-mainly because Jakson is so excited (the daily tantrums continue, though we curb them with threats of "no Disney" if he doesn't stop. I'm not sure what's going to happen when I no longer have that bribe available to me, but I'm totally taking advantage of it while I do).

When we first planned this trip, we decided to pay for it solely from:
1. change we've been collecting
2. money from the shop and sewing lessons

Nothing is coming from Zak's paycheck. We're doing this for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because we really want to stick to a budget and this is a more motivating way to do it and we really need his paycheck to go other places. Like savings. Due to our unemployment stint last year, we're still pretty wary and hoard our money.

It's made the collection of funds fun. Jakson and I spent one evening sorting through all of the change and rolling it. $120 worth! I love slave labor that doubles as a learning experience. We talked about numbers, he helped me count, and then dropped the coins into the rolls-fine motor skill practice. Not only that, but he thought it was great fun.Can you tell he dressed himself? That is a bathing suit shirt. He still hasn't come to terms with the concept of winter.

I also signed up and printed off the coupons for our free Mimi's Cafe breakfast.

We bought Jakson a little disposable camera for his sole use at the parks. That way he can document the things that he thinks are important. Or just take a bunch of pictures of people's legs. When we get home, we'll put his pictures onto a CD and then possibly create an Artscow or Shutterfly album out of them.

My Disneyland Bible arrived and I've been reading through it during free moments (few and far between). It's so nice to have someone else (i.e. the book) plan my itinerary for me.

Can't wait!


Mrs. Doodle said...

Have fun. Oh how I love me some mimi's muffins. We don't have one close but when we go to my MIL's we ALWAYS go there! YUMMY!

Wendee said...

We are planning a Disneyland trip in April. PLEASE share all of your tips and knowledge. . we could use it! We are driving from Colorado to California. I'm already excited, too!

Shenna said...

I'm excited for you guys! I wish our California trip was sooner than July...I need a vacation now!

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