Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Top Reads of 2009

I just joined a book club here and I'm excited to be reading some new books in new genres (not all historical fiction!!) this year. One of my goals is to keep a running tally of the books I read in 2010 . I neglected to do it last year and I've ended up picking up a couple of books from the library that I've already read. If you have any book recommendations, I'd love to add them to my "to read" list!

I didn't do as much reading in '09 as I would have liked (except for on the cruise at the beginning of the year-isn't that what cruises are for?!), but for memories sake, here are my top reads of the year in no particular order.

1. Gone With the Wind-Margaret Mitchell
Recommended by my friend Katie as a great summer read and it did not disappoint. I hate most of the characters in the book, but I think that's exactly what Ms. Mitchell was going for--otherwise why would she have created such disagreeable people? Loved the historical aspect of it. I read Scarlett over Christmas and enjoyed revisiting Tara, but it was definitely not as good as the original. A little far fetched in places.

2. One Yard Wonders (Non Fiction)
I was sent this book after making banners for the publishing company and fell in love. I have yet to make any of the projects, but I already have pages dog eared as a "to-do" list. All of the projects can be made with one yard of fabric or less. Check out the Flickr pool for the book here.

3. What I Saw and How I Lied-Judy Blundell (YA Fiction)
Kind of a terrible title, but an interesting read. Another historical fiction novel set here in the States, this one in the late 1940s. It kept me enthralled with its murder mystery twist and engaging plot line. I'm a sucker for historical fiction.

4. The Book Thief-Markus Zusak (YA Fiction)
I know, I know, another historical fiction YA novel. I'm addicted. This one was very different than most other novels I read this year-it was dark and very artsy. Incredibly well written, but if you are looking for upbeat chick lit, this one is not for you. I just checked out I Am the Messenger (same author) from the library and I'm hoping it's just as good.

5. The Star Garden-Nancy E. Turner
The third book in the series about Sarah Agnes Prine that begins with These is My Words. I didn't like it as much as the other two, but still a great read and a necessity in order to finish up the story of Sarah.

Just for fun, 6 of my top favorite books EVER.

1. Pope Joan-Donna Woolfolk Cross
This book has the best of everything-history, woman empowerment, a little love story, and very well written. Ms. Cross, why have you not written any other novels?!? Possibly my favorite book of all time. And over in Europe they've made a movie of it. I admit books usually gets slaughtered in movie form, but I'd still be interested to see it. John Goodman is in it. Not sure how I feel about that. Here's a trailer if you're interested.

2. The Count of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas
If you seen the movie so you think you know everything about this book, you're wrong. In fact, you'll finish this book and then wonder what book they actually based the movie on. Two completely different story lines-the original much better.

3. The Giver-Lois Lowry (YA Fiction)
Read this to my sixth graders every year and never tired of it. Fabulous literature. I'm still not certain how Ms. Lowry went from writing There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom to this novel. That will forever be a mystery.

4. The token Jane Austen novel and Anne of Green Gables
Love them all. There are few books that I have read more than once-these fall into that category. Except for the last few in the Anne series. L.M Montogomery loses me a little when Anne and Gilbert start having kids and those kids get their own novels. Reminds me of Jimmy Fallon's thank you cards. The first few are funny, then it gets old. Both should have quit while they were ahead.

5. Rebecca-Daphne DuMaurier
I admit, I've read this one more than once as well. Such a great piece of literature. Gotta love a good mystery. Some day I'm going to own a house that I call Manderely, I'm sure of it. The movie (Hitchcock) isn't half bad either.


j&krosser said...

Sadly if I gave you any book suggestions you have probably have already read them. Oh and Pope Joan-still planning on reading it if I get over the huge library fine it caused me the first time I tried to read it.

Cheryl said...

Pope Joan is my all time favorite book! I have read it probably 4 times at least. One of the few books I actually bought instead of going to the library. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Are you on Goodreads? That's how I keep track of what books I've read, it's pretty cool. And I can't agree more with your review of the Count of Monte Cristo, I saw the movie right after I read the book and was SO disappointed, almost mad even. Why change such a good story?

Reed said...

okay...i would like the kleo pouch sling please and thank you. good luck with the reading this year. it was nice to see u last week. hope youfeel fully better soon and good luck with the house. thanks again...i cant wait for my new pouch sling so i can type using the shift button again. ;0

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