Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reading Frenzy

One of my January goals was to read the Josephine Bonaparte Trilogy by Sandra Gulland, recommended to me by my friend (and Las Vegas photographer extraordinaire) Elizabeth. And now I recommend it to you.

I loved it. I could not stop thinking about the story, even when I was finished.
I've read other books about Napoleon and Josephine, but Gulland uses a diary format which really brings the time period and characters to life.
I am exponentially more grateful for deodorant.
More specifically, that my husband wears it.
One warning: These books are addicting and your children may suffer from neglect for a couple of days while you read.
Be sure to check out a lot of Disney movies along with the book at the library.

Another book I just finished that was equally well written-
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyHonestly the title made me a little wary at first, though I had heard good things.
Sort of sounds like a book about a group of Red Hat Ladies or something.
Not the case.
Also historical fiction, the novel (written in letter form) was about the German occupation in the Channel Islands, something I knew nothing about.
So interesting. I feel smarter now that I've finished it.

Next up: The Hunger Games, though I'm number 2,209,303 in line for that one at the library.
Any good books I should be reading in the meantime?


Baldwin's in Utah said...

Well if you're ever down in Springville area, I have the first and second book in Hunger Games you could borrow and I LOVED them!!!!!!!!

Did you ever read I am the Messanger by Marcus Zusak. I am a little ways in and wondering if I want to finish....

I liked Sarah's Key okay- it's half historical fiction- but interesting. It talks about France during the Nazi's and was really interesting to learn about that...

Life of Pi is an interesting read- not sure it's under your genre preferences but it's def an interesting read.

I like YA fiction- so I liked books like The Goose Girl books. Fablehaven series. City of Ember series.

If I think of more I'll let you know. I'm working my way through your recommend list right now. I just got I am the Messenger, the Giver, and Rebecca from the library. I'm stoked to have a stack of books ready for when the baby comes so thanks for those....

LONG Comment! Sorry...

Sandra Gulland said...

Thank you! I love what you said about Josephine B. I posted about it to my Facebook page, here:

I loved the Potato Peel Pie novel!




hillari said...

I can't believe you haven't read The Hunger Games yet! It's so good you should just buy it. I'll have to check out the Josephine books, sounds very interesting. I've been enjoying The Shadow Children Sequemce, the first one is called Among the Hidden. It's about a third child in a society where only two children are allowed, third children are illegal and in serious danger if they're discovered. I highly reccomend!

bethany said...

Hillari-I've read all of the Children of the Shadow books-they are really good, but tend to get a little repetitive in book six or so...I used to get my reluctant readers in classed turned on to those because they are such fun reads!!

And seriously, I can't believe a real live author wrote a comment on my blog! Ms. Gulland-come by anytime :)
I'm definitely putting her other book, Mistress of the Sun on my reading list as well!!

Seth and Peggy said...

Oh, I read the Potato Peel Society last month. I'm glad you loved it! I reread the last chapters a few times because I was so sad it was over.

Nan said...

Historical Fiction:
The Wild Swan
Still Life with Rice
Cain River

All really good...

bethany said...

I saw Cain River at D.I. the other day and almost bought it because it looked so good. I'll have to find it at the library now!

Elizabeth Jex said...

Love the Josephine Trilogy so! Glad you picked it up. It is wonderful.
"Mistress of the Sun" (also by S Gulland) is also really good! It got me hooked on this entire Louis XIV kick and I ended up reading several other books about him after that as well. I'm such a sucker for this stuff.
So awesome that the author commented on this! Nicely done, Beth!

Sandra Gulland said...

It's a pleasure! I hope you enjoy Mistress as much as I enjoyed writing it.




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