Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Internets,

If Conan O'Brian can lose his job, no one is secure.
But in the past two weeks, our family has learned of two layoffs a little closer to home.
Men who received a lot less than a 45 million severance package.
In fact, one of them is receiving ZERO severance because his company is so broke.
How awful.
But I know the power of the internet and networking, so I'm calling on you.
These friends of mine have beautiful wives, adorable children, and are now wondering how they will make ends meet without employment.

Can you help?

If you happen to know of employment for these men or anyone who runs businesses that employ people in their fields, please pass along their information.
I have resumes, cover letters, and contact information for both of them that I would be happy to forward to anyone.
You can contact me at bethanycr(AT)gmail(DOT)com,
Below I've added a few of their education stats and job experience.

Thank you so much for any help you can give.
We all need to stick together during these hard economic times.
Tragically, you never know if it could be your family next.
Prayers are always welcome as well. As we all know, with God all things are possible.

Nate -willing to relocate ANYWHERE
BS-Construction Management
5 years of management experience as project manager in both residential and commercial construction firms

Phil-also will to relocate ANYWHERE
BS-Psychology, Business Minor
8+ years in HR as HR Recruiter, HR manager

Totally Unrelated:
Did you watch American Idol with Neil Patrick Harris? That man needs his own show.
And, originally, it should be called The Neil Patrick Harris Show.

I love him.


Sabrina said...

I thought he was hillarious too. Unfortunately, I met him in the LAX airport when I was on a business trip once and he is a complete A**. Too bad he is not as nice in real life.

Baldwin's in Utah said...

Do you watch How I met your mother? Or have you seen The sing-a-long blog of dr. horrible (on hulu I think)? Both Neil Patrick Harris shows that I love! The new episodes of how I met your mother leave something to be desired but if you get the old dvd's of seasons past it can be a good time!

North Family Arizona said...

Thank you Beth for the plug!

I appreciate all that you have done for us.


Leah said...

I am not sure where you are located but we are in Houston and the economy hasn't been too much affected here, so you should tell your friends to look into the oil and gas industries down here! Especially since both have their MBAs, that opens up a lot of doors for the companies here. Hope that helps!!
(There are tons of oil companies here, but some of the larger ones are ConocoPhillips, where my husband works, BP and Shell)

bethany said...

Oh Sabrina, that's so disappointing. I always imagined that he'd be completely charming in real life. My dreams have, in an instant, been shattered. Oh well, there's always Nick Jonas (that is the name of one of those brothers, right?)

Nicole-LOVE LOVE LOVE How I Met Your Mother. And Dr. Horrible got me through my labor with Storey. Don't ask. That's why I truly love him-Dr. Horrible.

The Tinsley Family said...

I love looking at you blog for cute craft tips! As for the jobs, have them check out That is where my husband found his job right in the thick of the recession! They have jobs all over the country posted.

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