Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Recap--Part 2

Zak's mom decided that Christmas 2009 would be a handmade/garage sale/thrift shop Christmas.

Totally up my alley.

Right away, I knew what my mother-in-law would be getting.
What every woman secretly wants.
A handmade Snuggie.
I combined it with a couple of secondhand good reads (The Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Poisonwood Bible) to create the perfect gift!!
You know you want one.

I was also roped in to helping my brother-in-law Tyler with his present to Katy.
He wanted to buy her thisbut unfortunately (fortunately?) it was out of stock.

So, we made one instead from a shirt from D.I. (I washed it first!!), some stuffing and a pillow.Now Katy can have a man without the drama!
Don't mind the deformed hand.

The best part of this entire experience? Reading the reviews for the original "Hug Me" pillow.

I've slept on this pillow every night since I got it. I bought it to give my husband the "cold shoulder" for some long forgotten misdeed. -Bragin

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this pillow. I love it so much I named him Paul! Paul goes well with my mullet, so much that I don't ever plan on cutting it. It fits so well into the armpit slot and I will never feel lonely again. Paul, you're the greatest! Paul and my mullet.....together forever. -Mullet


I LOVE the hug-me pillow. I sleep with 5 of them, it makes me feel like i'm in bed with a whole family.I've always felt there was something missing in my life, a void. I can't explain it but I now feel like one complete person. thank you hug me pillow! -Anonymous

For the nights when I am alone and the simple pleasures of life are not enough. This lonely arm brings me the love that I need. I come home and it greets me, it cooks me dinner, it loves me the way no one could ever love me. His grip is tight and his love is true. His hand holds me tight and I never want to let go. I would not give this gift a negative review. I love itFor those of you who are lonely single and need a mans touch please consider this product it has done wonders for my life. -lonelyarm

It's true folks, you can't make this stuff up.

Other gifts (though nothing quite as exciting as the Hug Me pillow):
Hooded towels for the boys (not made by me-these were Katy's invention)

Storey received a new baby doll.
I used this pattern from Black Apple with a couple of additions (the skirt and the bow).

Zak made framed monograms for a couple of his sisters (I'll be posting a tutorial to make one of these hopefully soon).and I made Zak a twin sized patchwork quilt, though I haven't taken any pictures of it yet. In fact, I got it back too late from the quilters and the elves weren't able to finish the binding. Finishing it is one of my goals for January.

Even Zak and I participated in the secondhand or handmade idea. Zak bought me a fabulous new camera--the exact one I've been wanting, but pre-owned (and much less!!) and I purchased my sister-in-laws old Zune for Zak. And she was kind enough to leave the Twilight (the book AND the movie) on there for him. How thoughtful.I really loved doing Christmas this way. Maybe a new tradition?!?


Dawn said...

I love the man without the drama! I might have to make one for my SIL!

Seth and Peggy said...

I love the shirt-pillow comments! I also enjoy reading the comments found here:

Audra Bollard said...

I think this wins the prize for best Christmas re-cap post I've read this year. Can I just say again that you and Zak are a match made in heaven?!?!

Melissa said...

I LOVE that baby doll you made for Storey. Too adorable! I love the idea of a handmade/thrift store christmas!

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