Sunday, December 13, 2009

Missing in Action

If I seem to have gone missing, it's because the Christmas sewing season is here.
Some may wonder why I get all my shopping done so early.
If it doesn't get done before December 2nd, it won't get done at all.
Zak and I will be spending the next week frantically cutting and sewing.
Thank goodness for a helpful husband.

I am going to try to get my refashioned t-shirt into ruffle scarf tutorial written
and posted this week, but that may be expecting too much.
I'd love for you to be able to use it for making 30 minute Christmas gifts.
They are so easy to whip up!
I have a feeling there are a lot of ladies on your list that would look hot in a new scarf.

In other random news:

I was so excited to find this photo of my Get Sewing banner on the
One Page Wonders facebook page.I've always dreamed of having something of mine displayed in a bookstore window.
Just never guessed it would be sewn and not bound in a cover.

I've been trying to stretch out naptime as long as it will go so I can get more sewing done.
So, the kids have just come up with their own methods of coping.One of the few times when being quiet and getting into trouble did not go hand in hand.
I am looking forward to 7 days from now when I will no longer neglect my children!!


hillari said...

That is really awesome about your banner! Congrats. I've been missing for a while too...not really sure why. I did sew a little tooth pocket pillow tonight for Sareny who has her first loose tooth! Pretty exciting. I'll have to post pictures of the pillow soon.

Sabrina said...

Amen Sister! All my orders will be out on Friday and I CAN'T WAIT to clean my house, do my shopping and spend time with my family...It is almost over- you can do it!

Melissa said...

That is so cool about your banner! Good luck this week!

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