Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let me tell you about my week....

It started with the stomach flu.
What fun.
Monday, I started arguing with the bank again over issues regarding our home in Phoenix.
The cute little house that is now worth 30% of what we purchased it for 3.5 years ago?
That's the one.
Tuesday I was still sick.
Possibly sicker.
Did I mention that I have 19 orders that need to go out by Friday?
Today I realized that my sickness is stress related.
Because after another phone call from the bank that included a lawsuit/bankruptcy threat, suddenly I was worse.
I'm not really sure how to find the silver lining in this situation.

So, how's your week?


Shenna said...

Sorry you're having such a suck week. Hopefully things look up for you soon!!

Veronica said...

Not a heck of a lot better :(

Amanda said...

That's rough about your house. Wow. I'm so sorry! I pray that God will pour peace all over you tonight.

hillari said...

I'm so sad for your situation. I wish you still lived in your cute little house here. :( Hopefully the bank issues resolve in time. That really stinks.

Covey and Justin said...

So sorry! I can't imagine the stress. Ginger can help with stress related nausea.

Melissa said...

I told you it was a ploy!! Woohoo! Suck it bank!! Okay, maybe I didn't mean that. . . yes, I did!!

Jen and Reed said...

Poor Beth. I hope you feel better. What is iwth the law suit? Yikes! This too shall pass. Make sure and take care of yourself first. People will eventually get their orders. Better late than never.

Jaimey said...

been there done that. minus the house worth 30% of previous value. :) My hubby was unemployed for most of 08, we lost our son Oct of 08 to a nueral tube defect and I am about to give birth and hubby is unemployed again. Ugh. I know its not good but you are in good company. It will always get better.

(love your blog btw- found you from Made with the cute ruffle skirt)

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