Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vermillion Rite of Passage

Jakson-1 year

I can't remember when it was that I first learned of the Vermillion climbing gene.

I've heard the stories of Zak shimmying up to the roof at 2.5 and Grandpa climbing out the window to stand on the roof at 2 so many times that it seems I've always known them.

Jakson didn't escape the gene.
I knew it when he jumped out of his crib at 18 months.
Or was it when he scaled the pantry shelves to reach the Cheese-Its at 16 months?
Or was it when he learned to climb the stairs at 7 months?

Just in case I wasn't absolutely positive though, my suspisions were solidified yesterday.
We found Jakson on the roof.
A high, two story roof.
Nonchalantely throwing little rocks off the edge.

Zak had been hanging Christmas lights and came in for a drink.
So Jakson helped himself to the ladder.
Don't mind if I do.
Zak heard the pitter patter and realized it was much to early for Rudolph.
He was not happy.
I just laughed.
Not very effective when one parent is disciplining
and the other is convulsing with laughter.

One more story to add to generations of roof stories.
This day will go down in history.
I can't wait to tell his wife.

So there you have it.
In case there was any doubt regarding Jakson's paternal descent.


Jon said...

That's awesome...just awesome.

Atleast you kept him from climbing on the roof while he was two. That's atleast something, right?

It's all about the moral victories...

mikbeth said...

Holy cow! What a great story! I would have had a heart attack! We've been thinkin about you guys! Hope all is well. We have so much to be thankful for, thanks for reminding us.

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