Monday, November 09, 2009

Thankful 30-#9

My mom
My mom and Storey feeding the goats at Farm Country (Thanksgiving Point).

My mom left today to go home. We will miss her dearly. Wouldn't it be nice to live close?

Jakson heard the garage door open tonight when Zak was coming back from running errands and yelled, "Grandma!!!" He rushed downstairs and was disappointed to find it was just Daddy. Apparently, Zak and I have moved down the ladder of "favorites" quite a few rungs. We just don't do things the way Grandmas do.

Grandma cuddled, read, watched trucks dig outside, pushed swings, grocery shopped (with Jakson and thought it was fun!), fed, changed diapers (no one gets out of that chore in our house), and loved---the way only a Grandma can.

Mom, don't be a stranger. Come back soon.


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