Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thankful 30-#3

A clean house---

This happens so rarely that it's hard to remember what it is like, but my mom came into town today, so we frantically cleaned.

You know you do it too. We all want to give the impression that we don't live in filth.

It just feels so good to sit down on the couch, look around, and not have the nagging feeling that I should get up to throw the dirty diapers living on the floor into the garbage.

The Blame Game--Number one reason my house is not clean on a regular basis.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh I know the feeling..enjoy your cute little family...

Lisa said...

Amen and amen ... I have 2 little people that tie for the #1 spot as to why my house is always a disaster!

j&krosser said...

I unfortunately know the feeling. But this week my bedroom is very clean-baseboards and all. Just don't look at the rest of the house.

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