Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful 30-#20, 21, 22

Free turkeys

On Friday, Zak got an email stating that all employees should be in the parking lot at 3PM to pick up their turkeys. As a result, he surprised me that afternoon with a 16 pound turkey.
How romantic. Flowers are so overrated.

I just hope this doesn't count as his Christmas bonus.

USPS Carrier Pickup

If you own a shop or ship packages a lot and don't use carrier pickup, you are missing out.
It has been a life-saver for me.
And a sanity-saver.
No waiting in line or chasing obnoxious, bored kids around the post office.
I just pay online, print shipping labels, and leave the packages at my front door.

A fixed sewing machine

It was nice to be thankful for a broken sewing machine,
but I am much more grateful for a working one.

Speaking of which, I am teaching a (FREE!) sewing class this week!
We'll be making ruffled scarves (or scarflettes) from old t-shirts!

There are lots of tutorials for scarves online, but this one is different. And so much easier!
Even if you are a sewing virgin, you can do this project!!
No need to own a machine, there will be plenty to share.

Tuesday, November 22nd-7PM
My house (Lehi, UT)

If you live in the area and would like to attend, please let me know and I will send you directions.
Email me-bethanycr{at}gmail{dot}com or leave a comment.

And I'll be posting a tutorial later this week in case you can't come or don't live close.


Erica said...

Ah Man! You are making my Beth home sick. Wish I could join you.

hillari said...

Wishing I was in the neighborhood to drop by for your sewing night...sounds fun. Of course, we don't actually wear scarves around these parts either...

Mandi said...

Love those scarves!

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