Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful 30-#15

I'm a day behind, but determined to catch up...

A fireplace

It's ridiculously cold here.
And so far I've resisted the nagging feeling that I should invest in a Snuggie.She looks so happy and warm.

My desire for the Snuggie so far has been curbed by the fact that we have a fireplace instead.
This year, I'll be able to sing "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire" and really mean it.
Although I'm pretty sure the one time investment in an oversized, wearable blanket would be much cheaper than the cost of the gas fueling the fire.


KatieB said...

i got chad a snuggie. he loves it :)

Diana Hawkins said...

The other night I was freezing when I crawled into bed and Aaron told me he was getting me a Snuggie for Christmas. I told him he'd better not dare, but I couldn't argue when he said I was a perfect representative of the target audience - there I was laying in my bed, shivering, and the book I wanted to read was laying untouched on top of the covers over my stomach, waiting til I warmed up enough for my arms to venture out and pick it up ...

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