Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful 30-#13

I am not thankful for Etsy just because it's been a great way to supplement our income, but because I've been given so many opportunities by having a shop. The community on Etsy is extremely supportive and I've loved getting to know other sellers.

Earlier this year I was contacted about creating a quilt for an auction sponsored by a non-profit organizaton that donates money to children in Ethiopia. I felt honored to be included and happy when the quilt was able to raise money for them. I've also had the opportunity to make memory quilts for families who have lost loved ones. It is humbling to know that I am a part of creating keepsakes that will be treasured.

Today I was contacted by Storey Publishing about my fabric banners. I now have an order for banners that will be used to advertise the new sewing book 101 One Yard Wonders in independent bookstores!! The book looks fantastic and I'm excited to be a (very) small part of such a great project!I know I've said this before, but if you've ever considered starting up a shop of your own, do it. Even if you don't sell much at first , you can trade with other sellers, bid on Alchemy requests, and get to know the Etsy community. I'm always happy to answer questions about selling or help you set up shop!


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