Friday, October 09, 2009

Not So Scary Spiders-Tutorial

As mentioned in the Poop Post yesterday, Jakson and I made spiders.
Well, I made spiders and he made a mess.
I like this project because I'm a big fan of kid-made stuff being on display in the home. Just like in the classroom, I think it helps children to see the work of little hands in their surroundings.
It may be imperfect, but isn't that what makes it beautiful?

Here's what you'll need:
Black spray paint (a little can will do)Big and small styrofoam balls-one of each for each spider
Chenille pipe cleaners
(you can use the original kind as well, but the chenille makes for hairier spider legs)
And a Tupperware (or other similar container) that you don't care about.

First, spray paint your styrofoam balls.
I painted them inside of an old potato salad container because I wanted to make sure that I coated all of the sides and didn't want to hold them in my hand in order to accomplish the task. Just throw a couple in and toss them around as you spray.Once they have dried completely, start putting together your spiders!
Attach the two pieces together with the toothpick.Cut the pipe cleaners in half or in thirds (depending on how long you want the spiders legs to be). You'll need eight legs for each spider.
Shove the legs into the body portion of the spider like so:I'm sure you could have figured that out without a picture.....
Bend each leg at the end to make it look more spidery.

There you have it-spooky spiders to decorate with!!I added one to my fall wreath because I wanted to spice it up for Halloweenand hung a couple with fishing wire in the front windows (look closely)Our house looks so much spookier!


Covey and Justin said...

That's so cute! you can also cover the balls in glue and put on black tissue paper to make hairy spiders. A bit less permanent than black spray paint. Hey--Elijah absolutely LOVED drawing ghosts on black paper. I don't know if you guys do ghosts but I am sure the effect would hold similar appeal to Jackson--Elijah thought it was really neat that it showed up like that.

Spjut Family said...

You are definately mom of the year. That is awesome. Has anyone ever commented on Jacksons fun hair. I love all the pictures of it. It adds so much personality.

Stacy said...

I am stealing your spiders to put in my to do on my blog! Now I have to make it to the store. That is usually harder then doing the craft.

Lisa & Gerald said...

aww too the fall decorations

Laura said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I'm so glad you liked my idea. I think we're going to have to try making these great Styrofoam spiders. I love them- and I love the wreath you did too! I can't wait to do both. :)

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