Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was so touched when Jakson came to me this morning, hugged me, and said "I love my mommy."
I mean really, who doesn't live for those moments?
It makes wiping poop off the walls worth it.
Until I realized that he was just feeling extra lovey today.

About a minute later he picked up Animal and said, "I love my green Animal" and gave it a kiss.
Okay, understandable.

A couple of minutes later, his balloon (you know the non-pregnancy announcement one?) floated by and he looked up and said, "I love my blue balloon."

Then, as he was eating his crackers he said, "I love my crackers."
And on and on.
Everything he touched or looked at, he loved.
So either he binged on some Love Potion #9 this morning, or he's just testing out a new expression he's learned to say.

I'm really not feeling all that special anymore.
And still a little mad about all of that poop.


Megan said...

Haha....that is funny.

Jen and Reed said...

Ha! At least he chose you as a target practice for his new love phrase he learned. He could have just avoided you altogether.

hillari said...

That is pretty darn funny. And I have so been there on the poop issues. Ew.

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