Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorites on Friday

UPDATE: If you tried to use the ArtsCow coupon code and it didn't work for you, that's because I forgot the 9 at the end. Oops!! The correct code is: 8X10CP899.

I just want you to know that Poop Picasso has struck THREE times this week.
I'll spare you the gory details.

You're welcome.

On a cleaner note, I present to you this week's favorites:

1. The gray skirt I picked up during Shade's Anniversary sale.
It made me think twice about wearing jeans for our family pictures.....It's still available on the website, but only in white.

2. The Harry Connick Jr. station on Pandora.
Great music for relaxing.

3. A great deal on canvas photos from Artscow.
We have ordered tons of pictures (and cards) from this printing company and have ALWAYS been happy with the quality. Expect the prints to take awhile to get to you though-they are shipped from China!!

The deal is this: order 3 8x10 canvas prints (can be the same picture or three different) and during checkout enter the code 8X10CP899. Your total (including shipping!) for all three will change from $75 to $8.99!

Something else I discovered yesterday-you can add as many canvas prints as you want as long as they are in increments of three and each set will cost just an extra $8.99. HOT! These would make fantastic Christmas gifts! The code is good until Oct. 22nd.

4. This list of 50 things to do with old T-shirts.
We all know how obsessed I am with refashioning (though I wish I had more time to make the ideas instead of just bookmarking them).

5. These is My Words series by Nancy TurnerI finished the first two quite a while ago, but finally picked up the most recent (third book in the series), Star Garden, at the library. Highly recommend all three!


Covey and Justin said...

Time to start duct taping the diaper on a naptime! Yuck! So sorry for you Beth!

KatieB said...

i know you dont' want to hear this, but maybe you should potty train jak so he can't smear his poop around... cute skirt, by the way...

bethany said...

That's the problem. We're trying to potty train him which is why he suddenly has this desire to take his diaper off during naptime. I shouldn't have ever started potty training him....then we wouldn't have this problem :)

Lisa said...


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