Thursday, October 01, 2009

Facial Hair

I'm not a big fan.
In my opinion, the mustache turns most men into Chester look-alikes, beards tend to get food stuck in them, and goatees scratch.
You don't see me growing out my armpit hair.

But Zak is on a shaving strike.
I love the guy, I do, but seriously, it hurts me PHYSICALLY to kiss him.
I complained about it so much that finally he shaved.
Around his mouth.
And that's it.

Now I can't look at him without being reminded of Dwight's crazy cousin MoseThat's not a good thing.
Just looking at this picture freaks me out a little.
The beard resemblance is uncanny.

His argument for the beard was something about an Amish costume for Halloween.
You cannot be a RELIGION as a Halloween costume.
Thankfully, his reasoning cannot stand up for very long because we are having our family pictures taken before then.
And that THING is not about to be documented for our posterity.

I guess it's better than shaving his head like male pattern baldness.
(Also for a Halloween costume. True story).
One thing I can say-my husband is extremely dedicated to his art.
Go big or go home.


xupa said...

Maren showed me this post, and I have to say, I stand behind Zack - you go man!



bethany said...

No, Nate, no. Do not encourage this behavior!!

Amanda said...

I might have nightmares about Mose tonight.

bethany said...

It could be worse. You could be sleeping next to him. Like me.

Shenna said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. I hate facial hair as well. The ONLY time Jeff gets away with it is our week of camping each summer. Thinking about all that itchy facial hair makes me shudder. I hope, for your sake, it is completely gone soon.

Maren said...

Seriously! Nate has been on a shaving strike for several years now - It's only over the past week or so that he's decided to shave regularly, so I totally feel your pain (literally!). Nate even pointed it out to me last week in church that Zak hadn't shaved - I think he saw it as ammunition against my pro-shaving arguments! Maybe we'll have to start using "Love and Logic" principles on them...."Do you want to shave now and sleep with me in our nice, cozy bed, or do you want to continue to look like a homeless person by not shaving and sleep on a park bench?" :)

Clyde J Criddle said...

I recognize that Go Big or Go Home comment.

Anna said...

Wow - yeah, I can totally see Mose in that picture. Yikes!

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