Friday, October 02, 2009

Epiloblogs (I am so punny)

I know you all are wondering "Is Storey still tubeless?", "Does Jakson remain a fan of school?", and most pressing, "Did Zak finally shave?"

My blog is like a good suspense movie. Mystery at every turn.
Now you will be able to sleep at night, because I have the answers to all of those compelling questions.

#1-Storey and her ears.
We met with a pediatric ENT today. She, like her brother, will join the ranks of the tubed next Wednesday. Wish us luck.

#2-Jakson and school.
I bribed him. That's right, I'll admit it.
I told him that if he was good and didn't cry, we'd go to the dollar store and he could choose any balloon.
He chose this oneNo, that is not an announcement.
We've gone over this. I'm not pregnant, just chubby.
This is really going to throw off the people who don't READ the blog, just look at the pictures.
Now I'll know who you are because you are going to leave a comment like this,
"Congratulations! Three is fun!"
Three does not sound fun and thankfully I will not know firsthand for a very long time.

#3-That thing growing on Zak's face
It's gone.
But I did get this email yesterday after Zak saw the post:
Now I am thinking of getting a thermal shirt and putting FEAR on it with red electrical tape so I can be Mose for Halloween. Thanks for the idea!
You only have to blame yourself.

Well, that sort of backfired on me.

Get this though.
Today at work, one of his coworkers asked him where his Abraham Lincoln beard went.

I told you he looked ridiculous.

The beardless one and I are off to Into the Woods for date night!


Veronica said...

CONGRATS!! You will love being a mommy to three.

He he he, just kidding. But congrats on getting your kid to school and all that with out a huge tantrum. I know how that feels!

Melissa said...

You seriously crack me up! Miss you!
Sorry about Storey having to get tubes. I will say some prayers she does ok.
Don't feel bad about the bribes... every mom is guilty at some point :) And hey, it worked right!
Have fun on your date!

Shenna said...

Yes, Beth, you are funny. I'm going to have to ditto Melissa's comment - bribes are a mother's best friend!

Lisa said...

That balloon is a hoot!

Reed said...

Yeah...I'm gonna need a picture of Zak's facial hair.

Reed said...

...when it was on his face. Just clarifying.

KatieB said...

i love into the woods! and three is not fun.

Jen and Bryan said...

CONGRATS!!! Three is NOT fun. It's HARD! So, congrats on NOT being pregnant. :) But I think Jackson is hinting...

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