Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Biggest Decision of the Year

Seeing Into the Woods last week (which was fabulous by the way!!) helped me make a final decision about our Halloween costumes.
That's right, I said OUR Halloween costumes.
We'll be doing the whole matchy, matchy thing this year.
We're so cute.

I purchased the first piece of Zak's costume last night.It's great to have crafty friends with mad skillz.
Now if I can just get the rest of the costumes done by Halloween.


Covey and Justin said...

You're not going to STEAL our idea of little Red Riding Hood are you? J/K--Lyddis is Little red, I am grandmama, EJ is the Big Bad Wolf and Justin is the woodcutter.

bethany said...

Really? That's what you guys are doing? I totally thought you were doing the three little pigs or something because you kept the saying "Big, bad wolf". Darn. I'm not original. But I'm also not turning back now!! :)

j&krosser said...

Wow! I feel honored to be featured in a blog post. I was going to send it yesterday when I pulled into the post office just to remember it was Columbus Day. Today!

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