Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Down

Revised: So I walked around my house and realized that all of the other V monograms we have on things were going the opposite direction.
That darn Hobby Lobby.
I removed the staples from the back (which was really the front) and repainted it.
New pictures reflect the change.

I've been posting my to-do list on the Make Along blog, but it is rare that any of those "extras" actually get done because I'm so busy with necessary sewing projects. Fortunately, the past two days I've had a chance to dedicate some nap time to making something for ME!
Well, my house anyway.

I bought the beginnings of a new wreath at last year's fall clearance sale (Hobby Lobby-90% off-can't beat that!), but it was still living in its original store imprinted plastic bag.
Sad, but true.
When I saw this letter wreath on Nester , I knew it was the perfect project for my clearance find.

So I built a wreath.
From the ground up.
For less than $11.
Truly.And you can do it too-or you can just buy a finished wreath and add a letter.
But where's your sense of adventure?
Although, unless you happen to have shopped the Hobby Lobby fall clearance sale last year, it might cost you more like $18.
Still cheap.

I used a berry garland and a fall leaf garland from Hobby Lobby (each $5 if they are 50% off, which they are this week).
Floral wire (can buy this anywhere, but at Joanns and HL, you can use a coupon!)-around $1.99
Plain grapevine wreath-found mine at Walmart for about $2.50
Wooden letter also from Hobby Lobby-$1.00 with 40% off coupon

Using the floral wire, I attached the garlands to the grapevine wreath (first the berry and then the foliage), cutting off any extra garland length and hiding the ends under the leaves and berries.

Then, I hung my wreath according to the suggestions given on this other post by Nester, adding Velcro to the ribbon to make it easier to get the wreath on and off.
I love it because it eliminates the need for nails right in the door and those ugly metallic wreath hangers.

I would have loved to hang my letter from the aforementioned ribbon, but "V" doesn't have a convenient line for hanging, so instead I jammed it into the grapevine wreath.
Then I slammed the door a couple of times to make sure it was nice and secure.Happy Fall!
I finally live where we actually have that season!


[AnnieR] said...


I feel lame bringing this up, but is it me or is that V backwards?

bethany said...

Well, Annie I would reply to you, but you haven't added your email address :)

I don't know-is it backwards? Does the fat part go at the front? I thought it was the skinny part....

bethany said...

You're right. I guess you learn something new every day. Century Schoolbook font proved you to be correct. I have dislodged the V and switched it :)

bethany said...

Strike that. Hobby Lobby hopefully knew what they were doing because the other side is unpaintable-it has staples sticking out of it and such. Hmmm... the mystery continues.

Veronica said...

Love it!! I just bought a new cider scented candle today. Mmmm, fall is coming!

Sabrina said...

That is so cute! I love it. I want to add a G to all our wreaths! Maybe I will.....Although, like you I have no idea when I will find the time!

Anna said...

I love the wreath but moreso love that you slammed the door a few times to make sure it was stable - sooo very much something I would do!

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