Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Letter

Dear New Neighbors,

For yesterday, when all of the screaming from my backyard was causing a public disturbance, I truly apologize. Contrary to popular belief (as a consequence of the screaming), I am not an abusive parent. I was, in fact, merely cutting Jakson's hairs in anticipation of this weekend's nuptials. Like a good mother would.

Unfortunately, Jakson reacted much like Samson would have, had he been awake when Delilah chopped off his locks. (Did I just unwittingly compare myself to Delilah, the wily hairdresser? Pretend not.)

When I continued to yell things like Calm down! I'm just cutting your hair!, it was really more for your benefit, my dear neighbors, not Jakson's. Because obviously he knew what was happening, hence the shrieking. I just wanted to avoid an embarrassing interchange with the cops.

Not sure how that conversation would play out. Yes officer, and then I cut an inch off the top and trimmed his rat tail. Those are so 20 years ago.

Why waste tax dollars for that?

So thank you for turning a deaf ear. Although, I'm a little worried should a real emergency arise. Will you always ignore us so well?

Until three months from now when the next trim will occur,
Your devoted neighbor,


Covey and Justin said...

That is too funny! Have fun this weekend at the wedding.

Lisa said...

TOO funny! I don't think that I would ever attempt to trim my kids hair ... no way would THEY cooperate! teehee

Amanda said...

Ha ha! Love it!

*katie* said...

I HATE cutting my little boys hair! And I have twins so I have to do it twice! Suffice it to say that currently, one little man has his hair cut while the other doesn't. I'm still working up my nerve for round two.

Trisha Brantingham said...

That's funny! My daughter screams like that everyday when I brush her hair. What my neighbors must think of me? haha

Shenna said...

That doesn't sound like fun! I expected that reaction from Maddi when I cut her hair last week, but she completely surprised me and sat quietly...I think she was too scared to do anything else. :)

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