Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Ain't Easy

We've got issues.

Storey has had a double ear infection for 3 weeks.
And she had one 3 weeks prior to that.
First she was on an oral antibiotic.
Ten days and no change.

So the doctor decided we should break out the big guns.
Three injections of an antibiotic, three days in a row = very grumpy toddler.
No change.

She said, "There's nothing more we can do."
Not so bad when we're talking ear infections.
Can you imagine hearing that about some other health problem?
I can't.

Friday we will see an ENT to talk tubes.
Apparently, they are the only cure at this point.

Next kid.

Jakson decided 17 days ago to hate preschool.
So two days a week, he screams for 2.5 hours.
That's five hours of scheduled screaming, plus all of the other non-designated time he spends throwing himself around.

Last Thursday he got in the car after preschool looking like thisSomething about a bear hunt.
And look-a smile!!

I was afraid he would forget how fun it is to learn over the weekend
But the drop off this morning was dramaless.
No screaming, thrashing, kicking, falling, moaning (the list of verbs involved in a temper tantrum is extensive)
But he still stays up until midnight, isn't potty trained, and refuses to go to Nursery.
One thing at a time.


j&krosser said...

at least it is 2.5 hours twice a week you dont have to hear him screaming. Boys willbe boys. He is getting all his drama and stubborness out now. By the time he is a teenager ( if he makes it) he will be a perfect angle.--Jaden

j&krosser said...

He meant angel.--kit

rawhide said...

paige has the same problem with her son kaden and double ear infections and they started the shots as well...the only thing they can think of are tubes.....at least it is an easy thing and they hopefully no more screaming babies.

Sabrina said...

Oh Beth, that is horrible. I am so sorry that Storey is so sick. Hopefully the tubes will take care of it asap. On the other hand, glad to hear that Jak has turned the corner and likes school! That is awesome!!!!

Spjut Family said...

First, give loves to that poor Storey, hope the tubes help. I love that sweet picture of her too. She looks so cute and innocent.

Jackson, wow, midnight huh???? Crazy. I'm sure he'll out grow all this. right??

Seth and Peggy said...

Is it just me, or did your kids grow up over the summer?

I know I've told you this before (at least I think I have) but I wouldn't worry about the potty training. My nephew and Jakson have very similar personalities. He gave my sister very many power struggles, so potty training was one thing she decided not to tackle. And when he was almost 4, he decided that wearing a diaper was gross and uncomfortable, and none of the other kids his age were wearing them, so he didn't want to anymore. Within a month he was fully potty trained. She can count the number of accidents he had (day and night) on both hands. That is the method I plan to use with Kallie. I will encourage and praise, but it will be all her idea. They can't wear diapers forever. At least I haven't seen any 8 year olds at the Splash Park wearing their signature blue swim diaper, so I figure they all get trained eventually.

This comment is way too long, especially for unsolicited parenting advice. Hope you don't mind. :)

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