Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great Cover-Up

When we came and toured the house in which we are currently living, one of the first things I noticed (and didn't love) was the alcove above the fireplace.A useless alcove.

It looks as though the television should have its place of honor there, no?
But A) our TV is 20", more like a computer screen than a TV screen and would look ridiculous in such a large space and B) there are no cable hook-ups anywhere near the alcove.
Poor planning on somebody's part.

So began the schemes for the "Great Cover Up of 2009".
After a few weeks of tossing around various idiotic ideas, it finally came to me.
While Zak was at work one day, I dragged in some leftover peg board from the garage and set it up on the fireplace ledge.Eureka!
The big hole was gone.
In its place were lots of little, tiny holes.
Don't worry that's not the end of the idea.

I grabbed some thin batting, cotton fabric, and a staple gun, then waited for Zak to get home.

When it comes to things like this, I'm just the ideas man-the execution is all up to Zak.
He has an engineering mind and I like to put it to good use here at home.
It was pretty obvious that the fabric stapling portion of the project would be easy, but I wasn't quite sure how the whole contraption would stay on the wall.
That's where Zak came in.
He installed three hooks above the alcove and their counterpart eyes into the back of the pegboard.

Then we arranged the collage of pictures from our Phoenix home,placed nails in the pegboard according to the measurements that we had laid out, hung the pegboard and then the frames.
End result?So much better than the gaping hole, don't you think?


Melissa said...

That is simply amazing! Way better than the hole for sure.

*katie* said...

Very, very cute! I NEVER would have come up with that!

[AnnieR] said...

I hate alcoves. So lame and pointless. Way to stick it to the man.

Sabrina said...

That looks fabulous! You are a crafting genius!

Melissa said...

Nice Bethy, so creative. I love it.

Danielle said...

You are so talented! This looks awesome!

hillari said...

Seriously, you are so clever! Love it. Same with the glass door into picture frame idea. Wow. Wish you could be my interior designer.

sewdelightful said...

Great idea!

edith said...

Wow, Beth, what a great idea!! Love it!

Holly North said...

I like it! It looks good. Sorry for not being more witty. We're all out of witty over here. Maybe it's because you guys moved. . . . But it really is nice.

Lisa & Gerald said...

What a great Idea..Love it....You should start your own..How to do things...You Rock...

Lisa said...

LOVE it!!

Living With Lindsay said...

Oh, wow! Now THIS is genius! It looks fantastic.

I agree - that alcove is kind of odd, huh?

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