Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Five Minute Favor

I get comments all the time that I want to respond to. Questions about Etsy, nice things about stuff I've made, introductions from new blog friends.....

But I can't reply to you because you haven't checked one little box.
Just one box!!

So, I want you to open a new window now.

Go to your Blogger account page (even if you don't have a blog, you have an account in order to comment--this is called the Dashboard). On the left hand side of your Dashboard page you should see Obviously, it is your picture and not mine.

Click on the words "Edit Profile."
Got it? Good.
Now you should see a window that looks like

See "Show my email address"? Check the box. That's all you have to do!!

P.S. That doesn't mean that it'll show the world your email address, but when you comment on my blog (or any Blogger blog), suddenly I will be able to reply to you from my email account!! Won't that be fun! It's a quick and easy way to keep a conversation going with your favorite blogger friends.

Wish you could get the comments left on your blog to show up in your email account? Well, that's easy too!

Go back to your Dashboard and find this (but with your blog name and such)Click on the link for Settings.

Now you should see this at the top of your pageClick on the Comments tab.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will find The empty box next to "Comment Notification Email"? That's where you are going to type in the email address you want all of your comments to be forwarded to. You aren't going to be approving them (you have to check a different box for that), just notified that someone commented.

AND if they have checked the little box to show their email address, you will be able to reply right from your email account!

Now go tell all of your friends!


Tasha said...

You are the best! Thank you for teaching me about the second one. I am so excited!

Melissa said...

I did it :)

hillari said...

Done. :)

Princess Martha said...

Haha, no wonder nobody ever repies to my comments ;-) Thanks for that.

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