Saturday, September 05, 2009

Favorites on Friday

Yesterday was a little busy so I didn't get to type up my Friday Favorites. I had to hem and unhem my final dress for the wedding FOUR different times!!

I officially don't like working with silk.

The dress is finished now and maybe looks a little more dumpy than I would like, but am just going to live with it at this point. I'll post pictures tomorrow or Monday and you can judge for yourself.

Back to the subject at hand: favorites.

  1. Show tune stations on Pandora.
    I've loved Pandora for a long time, but recently discovered that I can type in the names of Broadway shows and listen to hours of singable music. So, if I don't answer the door when you ring it's because I'm singing at the top of my lungs while I sew. What could be better?
    Good. clean. fun. (PS-Try the Thoroughly Modern Millie station-you won't be sorry.)
  2. Handmade mail.
  3. I did not have to the time to make Jakson's tie for the upcoming nuptial celebration (poor kid always gets the shaft), so I was excited to find the perfect neck accessory from Aries Road on Etsy.
    Only 5!!! Rush over and grab one of these houndstooth ties. My next Etsy purchase for sure.

    I also got a stitched handprint that I ordered from Something Sewn for Storey's room. I have no idea how to embroider and loved her idea of Storey's name, age and little handprint all together in a frameable piece. It turned out so cute and matches her room perfectly.
  4. Butternut Squash Ravoli
  5. I 've had this recipe from Cafe Zupas bookmarked for a few months and finally got around to making it this week. Well, worth the time and effort!


Melissa said...

I like your idea for these posts. I'm going to have to try the ravioli, yum! And right now I'm listening to the "Ben Folds Radio Station" on Pandora Radio! Good tips. =)

Lisa said...

SUPER neat!

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