Saturday, August 29, 2009

Passed down

Tales of the birthday sign tradition we've got going on in our family.

As a kid, my mom stuck us in front of a sign and took our picture each year.
Side note: That hat is hot. We call this era, "the Blossom years" and they would be better off forgotten. But instead, I just keep reminding you how awesome I used to dress by posting this picture on my blog. I'm sure I'll find a reason to use it again.

Another side note: Do you remember when it was so cool to get mylar balloons from your friends for your birthday? As you can see from the numbers on the sign, I was in the depths of junior high and how many balloons I got that year really, really mattered. Way more than global warming or tax hikes. Oh, to be young again. Isn't it sad that most schools have banned this practice? Nothing like a balloon popularity contest.

But I digress.

In the spirit of tradition, my mom made us a banner for Jakson's first birthday and then sent me Storey's name for hanging the week before her big day. I attempted to capture Storey with her gifts two different times, but this is the best I was able to get.Maybe she's lying on the floor because she's so devastated that she received no mylar balloons?

My parents were here last week as well and my dad was celebrating the anniversary of his 25th birthday (again), so of course we had to whip out the banner and get a picture of his milestone.
I was going to go with "Clyde", but in the end decided that "Grandpa" would be more appropriate. And of course, he is holding one of the family's famous cherry pies--tradition! tradition!


Sabrina said...

I TOTALLY remember the mylar balloon thing- I remember one year in high school that I got a ton and thought I was so cool- I couldn't fit through doorways but it rocked! So dumb:)

Amanda said...

That picture of you is awesome. How sad that they banned the balloons! I loved me some Blossom, but I really, really wanted to be like Clarissa Explains it All.

KatieB said...

Sadly, I had the hat too... I remember being so nervous going to school in middle school on my birthday just praying that my friends had brought me balloons and flowers. Pathetic! Looks like you did well for yourself :) Love that pic :)

hillari said...

That is an awesome tradition! I think we might need to start one in our family. LOVE your pic--further confirmation that I really wasn't entirely nerdy back then--dressing like that was cool! Love the hat and sweater.
Those of us with summer birthdays missed out, apparently! :)

Gina said...

You looked amazing when you were 12 (and still do!) You were actually my fashion and popularity icon. Oh to be 12 again!
P.S. That pie looks delish.

Unknown said...

That is a GREAT idea. Totally neat!

LOVE the hat!

Stacy said...

I loved Blossom. I have weird really high ears and can't where hats!! Always made me so mad. I wanted to be her! I wanted to give you my blog. I noticed it wasn't linked with my picture so I wanted to make sure you knew it.

bethany said...

I feel sorry for anyone who used me (or Blossom) as a style icon :) That says something about the horrible fashions of the early 90s.

PML said...

I never got a mylar balloon on my sad. I don't think the one store in my town sold them. At least I hope they didn't sell them...anyway, you should totally send that pic to the Ellen show. I think she occasionally shows pictures like that (totally awesome ones). It will get you on there for sure.

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