Monday, August 03, 2009

Kid Terms

I always love the interesting ways that children describe the world around them in terms that they understand.

Today in the car, as we were driving down an overpass, Jakson shouted,

"Whee! A car slide!!"

And he's right. Going down an overpass is kind of a car slide. Whee!

Also, because I know you have been waiting with bated breath, we went with the numbers bedding from IKEA. And you should too--because it's the entire set for only $2.99!! Apparently, it's been discontinued, so the sets left in the stores have been drastically marked down. I bought three. You know I can't resist a deal like that.


Sabrina said...

Holy cow! That is an unbelievable deal. I wish there were an Ikea close to me and I would snag a set just for fun too:) Can't wait to see how the rooms turn out.

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