Sunday, August 16, 2009

It smells like BBQ? Oh, that's just me.

Every Saturday, our family spends the day at the Farmer's Market serving food at the Charlie Boy's booth. The big smoker envelopes us in so much smoke that by the end of the 8 hours we are saturated with the BBQ smell. Our clothes, hair, even the stroller!! Last Sunday I realized I had forgotten to give Storey a bath before church when I was holding her and could smell BBQ.

Despite our smelliness, I have fallen in love with the Farmer's Market. We serve food to some of the friendliest people and when it isn't busy, I walk around with the kids looking at the other booths of handmade and home grown items. Zak has decided to take a book binding class from a girl who sells books (and teaches the class!), I was able to find Storey the perfect hair accessory for an upcoming wedding, Jakson and I share HUGE cookies from Flour Girls and Dough Boys, and the weather is fabulous. Plus, it's convinced me that Zak should go into sales if he should ever lose his job again, though he's not so keen on the idea.

Jakson is bribed so often with chips that he now refers to his grandparents (Zak's parents) as Grandpa Chips (no gender distinctions here). And Storey spend her time doing what she does best, eating. As long as we keep her fed, she is happy. She is definitely related to Zak.
The Farmer's Market makes for a long day. By the time we all get in the car to head home, it is WAY past nap time.


Jeff said...

I'm totally jealous of Storey and that she can wear a SWEATSHIRT right now! Can you share some of that cooler weather with us down here?

Jeff said...

Oh, and apparently I'm signed into Jeff's google account.

Megan said...

I LOVE the headband. It is sooooo cute on her. And also, I miss your babies and can't wait to see them in a few weeks!!!! Yay!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

I love the smells of BBQ'S..Have a great night...

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