Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Ever since I realized that Jakson is the kind of kid that has "dare devil" written in his file at the doctor's office (true story.), I've been waiting for the day that he hurts himself.
Like really hurts himself.
Broken leg, arm, nose, head. I'm just waiting for it.
I know it's inevitable, as it would be with anyone else who hurls themselves off of things 4 or 5 times their height.

So yesterday when Jakson came downstairs bleeding and crying, I thought, "It's here, the wait is over."
Zak took him into the bathroom to wash him up and try to decipher Jakson's rambling.
All we got out of him was "hurting" and "castle."

Background: When we moved to this house, I brilliantly decided to put the castle upstairs in the loft area. Since it snows the majority of the year here (Zak says no it doesn't, but I say it does) and the kids can't play outside, I thought I'd bring some of the outside in.
Jakson has loved having it upstairs and spends hours playing what he refers to as "Flushed Away." He is currently obsessed with the movie of the same title and enjoys throwing his stuffed animals down the castle tower and yelling "Flushed Away!"

Entertaining at first, annoying after awhile.

To get into a position where he can effectively throw the stuffed animals inside the tower, he balances himself on the top of one of the castle walls.
Because neither of us saw it, our best guess is that he slipped off the wall and like our friend Humpty had a great fall.

And almost knocked his tooth out.

Or possibly DID knock his tooth out. We're not sure yet.
And this is why.
His tooth is incredibly loose (hence, all of the blood), but after an emergency trip to the dentist last night, we've decided to let it stay and hope that it heals itself.
I had no idea that teeth could do that (like the liver!!), but apparently they can.
It might also turn black and fall out or get infected which would result in something akin to a root canal.

Jakson + root canal=no fun.

Is it bad to say that I'm really praying that he keeps the tooth and the main reason is that we're taking family pictures soon and, folks, I don't want Toothless Jak?
Don't judge me.
Maybe I can just get Kelly to photoshop in a tooth.
Yes, I love technology....

And, by the way, the kid is fine.
In fact, he was back to jumping off of his (loft) bed last night.
I think he might be indestructible.
Or just Kamikaze.


Shenna said...

Wow. Hopefully it does not turn black and fall out. That would not be fun, and pretty horrifying in pictures. I'm not judging you. I'd probably cry if that happened right before pictures to Maddi or Alex.

I've only had my blog changed for a few days, so you are not an idiot. :) I decided it was time for something different, and so far I'm liking it.

Weight Watchers is the ONLY thing for non-dieters, in my opinion. Due to my child-like eating habits, it is the only type of "diet" that works for me. I wouldn't even call it a diet because you can still eat anything you want...the catch is just watching your portion control. You get a specific amount of points each day, and you just have to stay inside of it.

So, if you want pizza for dinner, you just have to save your points for it and eat lower point foods for breakfast/lunch. It's great.

7 Baldwin's said...

We had a totally similar experience with our oldest when he was almost 3. He knocked his front tooth ALL the way back- like it could touch the roof of his mouth. The dentist said all the same things and Scott's healed and 3 1/2 years later still has both front teeth. That being said- I can't tell you how many people came out of the wood work to tell me that they knocked their front tooth or teeth out when they were 2 years old and spent the next 3-4 years toothless... And they survived it! And yes- I thought the same thing as you- first thought was of how weird it would look in pictures! Good luck!!!

Melissa Brown said...

Crazy! I would be so sad if it was before pictures too. Let's relaly hope it doesn't turn black and fall out. Esp since a root canal would NOT be fun at all!

hillari said...

Yeah, I think pictures would be one of my first thoughts as well. I mentioned your etsy shop on my latest blog post. Unfortunately, I don't know that little trick of adding a link without adding the actual link to the text. You'll know what i mean if you check out my post. Anyway, hope his tooth heals itself!! He has always been a bit adventurous.

Stacy said...

Kenzie had that same trauma. Her tooth is fine. It was 5 months ago and everything is great. Poor kids that think they can fly.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh dear..I hope his tooth is ok...Glad to hear he's ok...

make it perfect said...

oh no, thats terrible! hope it heals and doesn't fall out. at least he is happy now!
kids and blood - not a happy combination!

Lyn Hunter said...

Black front teeth run in the family. Ask about Steve's beloved black tooth. As far the little monkey goes, that is Zack's fault. I can remember him loving to climp up onto the roof of his house. I swear he was like 3. It gave his mother a heartattack.

Jen and Reed said...

Is your trampoline laying on top of a hole in the ground? Genious! The kids stay safe while still having equal amounts of fun. Whose idea was that? Let's just hope the trampoline never moves...revealing a part of the hole for a young, unsuspecting child (Storey) to fall into. :)

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