Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! My gift to you is this post full of videos of the kids (hey, we're poor). You get to see them in real life in less than one week!! We love you!

This video is actually from 8 months ago (January), but I thought you'd like to see Jakson "reading."


Proof that the kids do actually like each other sometimes.

Trampoline jumping.


edith said...

I love #2 video! Deep down they can't live without each other. And Storey on the trampoline, too cute!! How she tries to figure it out. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. :)

Clyde J Criddle said...

This is the best present you could give to a grandpa! I look forward to seeing them in person next week. I'll read with Jakson and jump with Storey.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad..Oh i think he will love his birthday gift....to cute....

Keri said...

hey- i just stumbled across your blog while googling how to make a tutu- thanks for your very detailed tutorial- i can't wait to try my hand at it! i had a question- have you tried making the longer, tutu dresses? would you just add more tulle? any thoughts/info would be helpful:
BTW- i am LDS, too!

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