Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bow Holder on the Cheap

Storey got quite a few clips for her birthday.
Many of which we promptly lost.
As a result, I decided that I needed a permanent place for girly hair things (still getting used to the whole "girl" thing).
I loved this idea from Nannygoat, but was disappointed to come back with nothing like it after scouring the local thrift shops.
And I needed somewhere to put the clips right away.
So, as a semi-permanent fix, I used things I already had in the house to create a cheap bow holder.

Two 8" x 10" wooden thrift shop frames (one had been painted previously). I always look for frames with a lot of dimension.
Ribbon or trim-I used some vintage trims that my mom gave me.
Spray paint in your favorite color-craft paint works for this project as well.
Glue gun.
Below: After the spray paint (that matches her crib). PS-I didn't sand the frames, just started to paint. The one that was already painted was coated pretty easily with the new paint, but I added a few extra layers for the one that was plain wood. I'm lazy.
Hot glue both ends of the trims to the inside lip of the frame. My trims were about 1.5 inches apart. This will change depending on the width of your trim or ribbon.
I wanted the trims to run horizontally, but you could also attach them vertically in more rows.Hanging on the wall. Now the hard part will be remembering to put the clips away.

I just finished this combination above Storey's bed using fabric scraps and embroidery hoops.It was another a cheap, easy way to add some color to the drab walls without painting.


Sabrina said...

Those are so cute. I love them both.

Shenna said...

Great, now my cardboard/ribbon combo looks like garbage compared to that. Looks like I'll be upgrading our bow holder - cute idea!!!

MaryAnne said...

Great idea - these are super cute!

hillari said...

You are amazing! Seriously--love your creativeness. :)

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