Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Skirt

I make so many skirts and dresses for Storey, I really should start doing a "Sunday Skirt" post weekly just to document them all. Wishful thinking on my part. I know I'll never get around to it.

I've seen tulle skirts all over the internet and wanted to make a white one for Storey's first year pictures in a couple of weeks. I thought white on white would be really cute. This morning I made a practice skirt in black just to try out measurements and such. I LOVE it. I may use it instead for pictures because it turned out so fantastic. And it wouldn't have even taken very long except that my machine is having issues again. Really, it would be an hour project tops.

Here's how I made it just in case anyone else wants to try their hand. I know other tutorials can be found online, but they don't really give measurements and I put my skirt together differently (I thought it was easier this way).

Tulle Skirt Tutorial:
Disclaimer: The pink on white skirt is not my favorite. I made it for tutorial use. It's easier to see the tulle vs. cotton when using contrasting colors. And sorry about the terrible pictures-it was night and the lighting is horrible.

For a size 1 skirt, cut a rectangle 41" wide and about 10" inches long. Add an 1"-1.5" to the length for every size up that you are making (example, size 2 would be 11-11.5" inches long). This leaves room for your 1/2" elastic and a hem at the bottom. The width can stay about the same, although for larger than a 3T, you may want to go up to 45"wide.

Hem one long edge of the rectangle. This is the bottom of the skirt.

Using about 1/2 yard of tulle, cut 2" wide strips the length of the tulle.
Set your tension very loose and a really long stitch and run all of your tulle strips through your machine, stitching right down the middle to ruffle the tulle (you may have to experiment with this a little to get a ruffle you like)
Lay the cotton skirt base down and pin the long pieces of tulle in straight lines on to it. There is no right way to distance the rows-whatever looks good to you. On this skirt I have 7 rows of tulle (I was trying to cover up more of the white), but on the black one, I only have 4. Make sure you set your machine back to normal tension/stitch length and then attach the rows of tulle to the cotton following along the stitches you already made.Now fold right sides together and sew up the seam on the side of the skirt creating a continuous circle. You don't have to do this, but I went back and pinked the edges with my pinking shears because A) I don't have a serger and B) my zig zag stitch is not working right. It helps to reduce fraying in the wash.To finish up, make a casing for your elastic at the top. Cut your elastic (child's waist measurement minus 2) and feed it through the casing. Sew the casing up and VOILA!

Now if only I could figure out how to make one big enough for me!


Shenna said...

Cute skirt! And Storey looks SO big! Maybe I'll have to try this skirt out - it doesn't look to difficult!

Sabrina said...

That is sooooo cute! And a great way to use up extra tulle!

Melissa Brown said...

Love it! I have too many things I want to make Allison and no time. Hope you are doing well.

Leanna said...

storey looks so cute I can't wait to see her in less than a month!

Hollie said...

That is such a cute skirt if only I had a girl. I guess I will have to make it for my neice. You always have great ideas. We hope everything is going good for you guys.

edith said...

Super cute skirt, Beth! What a lady Storey is already. Hope you all are well.

Anonymous said...

This Skirt is Great, Really Cute.. Im glad you made it with other colors so I could see it good But My Favorite is Also the BLACK ONE.. Love it Thank You..

@ JULIA @ said...

The skirt was great, Very cute.. Love the BLACK ONE too.. Thank you...

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