Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mini Me

Any of you who have spent time with Jak know that he has a speech delay. In fact, it's something that has become more pronounced since moving away from everyone who was very used to interpreting his words. It's on my "to-do" list to contact the school district here and find out what services they have available for him.

So when he came to me a couple of days ago and asked a gobbled question, I let him know that I had no idea what he was saying and sort of left it at that.

But this kid doesn't give up. And he watches a lot of Blue's Clues. He dragged me into the sewing room saying, "Where is it?" Then pointing to the sewing machine he yelled, "Right there!".


Maybe he watches a little too much TV.

Not willing to give up a potential teaching moment, I gave him some fabric, showed him how to put down the presser foot and propped the pedal up on a Tupperware so he could reach. And away he went.Seriously, he thought it was the greatest thing since his introduction to Dino Nuggets.
I am so proud.


edith said...

He surely looks like he had fun! And he learned something too. :)

Amanda said...

Lol about his favorite thing since dino nuggets.

Sabrina said...

That is precious!

jaime said...

My goodness. I love that unabashed joy on his face. Good on you.

j&krosser said...

You have a future Project Runway contestant on your hands.

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